Trained German Shepherds Can Be a Nice Alternative

Trained German Shepherds can be a nice alternative to going through the entire process of training your new puppy on your own. Make no mistake about it:  the training process is a tedious one that requires months’ worth of discipline exercise and a daily commitment.  While German Shepherd training can be broken down to a relative science, it requires a lot of patience and a lot of time.

If you’re lacking the time, or the desire, to train your German Shepherd, the idea of finding a trained German Shepherd may be attractive to you.  There are many of these available for sale, from breeders (and even ordinary owners) nationwide.  These dogs may already be housebroken, obedient, and may have even dropped the frustrating habits that many new untrained German Shepherd puppies will exhibit.

Fully trained German Shepherds will generally have gone through at least six months’ worth of training, and the best ones will have been raised with children.  If you have children in your household, you’ll particularly want to look for a trained German Shepherd puppy that was trained around the presence of children.

The early months of a German Shepherd puppy’s life are extremely formative in the sense that being around children from the start will make your new dog much more likely to be friendly and loving in the presence of children.  German Shepherds that aren’t trained around children might take more time to adapt to the presence of your kids, so it’s really important that a trained German Shepherd you seek out was raised in a social environment.

The drawbacks of buying a puppy that has already gone through training exist as well.  For one, they’ll generally be more expensive, sometimes as much as twice the price of an ordinary German Shepherd.  The time and money you would have spent was spent by someone else, so it should go without saying that trained German Shepherds will naturally be more expensive.

Secondly, they may have a hard time acclimating to their new owner.  The German Shepherd, by nature, is accustomed to looking for the alpha dog of the pack.  This dates back to the hunting days of the breed, as there was always a leader amongst the group. Modern day training techniques suggest that you assert yourself as the alpha male, and the dog will naturally be obedient to you as a result.

In this case, the trained puppy may already be acclimated to the presence of his/her old owner as the alpha male, confusing the pup in the presence of a new master.  While this should generally fade within a matter of a few months, it’s fair to say that there may be a light transitory period at hand.

Other than this, the benefits of buying trained German Shepherds are obvious.  A housebroken, friendly, obedient pet awaits you should you find the right breeder.

Then again, there are those who take joy in the process itself.  The efforts of training your German Shepherd can obviously be rewarding once done successfully.  It all comes down to a matter of time and patience, and determining what might be the best route for you.


Searching for Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies Near You

Making the decision to get a new dog can be really exciting, but it’s also one that you have to think over carefully.  You have to make sure that you’re prepared, and that you are aware of what’s going to come with taking care of them for the duration of their lives.  Plus you also have to think about the types of breeds that you might like the best, or just what’s going to be suited to your home the best as well. You’ll find that there really are a lot of different types of puppies out there, so there’s bound to be something for your home.  But finding some of the more rare dogs, like long haired German shepherd puppies can be a bit more difficult.

That’s when you have to take things to the next level and you have to really go searching around online so that you can ensure that you are able to find the right dog with ease. You’re going to find that there are all sorts of sites that can help you out, and it’s all about choosing the right ones that are guaranteed to help you get those long haired german shepherd puppies that you’ve wanted to add to the family for some time now.  You’re going to find that there’s plenty of different types of sites that can help too, making your search as easy as possible:

Starting out on your search

You’ll find that when you’re going to start searching, a lot of the websites that can help you find long haired german shepherd info on where to find them is going to have to be investigated.  A lot of the results that you will end up finding will be for dogs that are actually for sale by the owners currently and not someone that’s really experienced with this.  In that case, what you want to do is actually make sure that you can see vet records to ensure that they have had their shots and have had checkups.  This is a must, so that you can make sure the dog is well taken care of and safe for your family.

One of the best online resources to find long haired german shepherd puppies anywhere, you’re going to find that they are a great chance for you to browse breeders in your area.  This way, you can find the right type of breeder that’s going to be able to give you access to purebred long haired german shepherd puppies, or you can find out when they will be available next.  This usually goes in cycles, so you’ll find that you have to wait for when they will be available, which can take a while sometimes.

This is a site that actually has listings all over the country for puppies that are up for sale. This way you can find the ideal long haired german shepherd puppies that are going to be perfect for adding to your home, and you can browse all sorts of different types of listings as well.  Plus you can get contact information on the current owners so that it’s easy to get into contact with them so that you can talk about the dogs.

Another great local type of search engine, and they have tons of listings of breeders online so that you can make it as easy as possible to browse the potential options you’re going to have when you want to add a puppy to your home.  They can provide you with all sorts of listing for dogs in the area, and they also provide easy contact info like PuppyFind so that it’s a breeze to see what types of dogs you can discover.

While perhaps not a traditional type of long haired german shepherd puppies search engine, it’s a great one nonetheless.  You’ll find that here you can look for shelters in the area, so that you can find the right type of puppy to adopt perhaps that’s not in the best of circumstances.  This way you’re actually able to save a pup, which can be a great way to do something great while you’re looking for a new addition to the family.  You might be able to find a long haired german shepherd puppies rescue that operates in the area, so that you can ensure you’re able to take care of your dogs.